The Future of Industrial IoT

At Splunk, the Product Marketing team brought me on to produce a video for a loose script they’d written up. I worked with them to whittle the script down to something more video-friendly, then wrote up a storyboard. The project was originally conceptualized as an animated explainer video, but since the subject matter was based around industrial sensors and factories, I adjusted the storyboard to include more human elements. In lieu of animation, we shot on location in different environments to show the origins of the data that the sensors are reading and to highlight the people working with the various devices. For a slightly warmer and more personal tone, I adapted the script to accommodate an on-screen narrator who could walk the viewer through the different locations.

Writer, Producer, Director, & Supervising Editor 


Writer, Producer, Director, & Supervising Editor 
Simone Scarpino

John Leestma

Matthew Criss

Matt Shaw

Script Supervisor
Tori Chapman

Director of Photography
Jason Joseffer

1st AC
Jonathan McDermott

Grip & Electric
Nicholas Yee
Nicholas Gomez
Louis Shah
Keith Cheng

Seth Peterson

Hair & Makeup
Joslyn Soliman

Timothy Huls
Owen Carlsen
David Hart
Dakshata Talekar
Tammy Tristan
Khalil Lowry
Lisa Steel
Gabriel Ching

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