Splunk SKO Show Open

This show opener was conceptualized, designed, and animated by Robert Hammond for Splunk’s 2019 SKO. I was brought into the project to be producer and editor after the design phase. As the producer, I built up the tone and energy of the animation by sourcing music and working with sound designer, Kim Christensen. With the audience of Splunk’s prior SKOs in mind, I leaned into the music of the '70s and ‘80s to create a more nostalgic, pulsing, and suspense-filled energy. Initially, the animation was designed as a short logo build, which later needed to be extended and played as the opening video onstage before the keynote presentation. As the editor, I looked for light, shapes, and other details to create more scenes that not only lengthened the video, but also added to the electric story of the logo build.

Producer & Editor


Design & Animation 
Robert Hammond

Producer & Editor
Simone Scarpino

Sound Design
Kim Christensen

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