Let's Work Together

Simone Scarpino was born and raised in Pennsylvania. He grew up just down the street from a movie theater and was drawn to the communal aspects of both watching and making movies from a young age. Simone first discovered video production in his early teens when he and his friends made skateboarding and snowboarding videos, as well as short films—all without parental supervision. Making videos with friends became a safe space where he could be vulnerable and even fail while still having fun. The lack of judgment that allowed them all to collaborate and build something as a group greatly shaped his love for storytelling and video.  

As a Portland-based video producer, director, and editor, Simone has over 10 years of experience working with marketing teams in tech. He creates video content that helps to drive brand awareness and engagement, sales, education, events, and social media interaction. He offers support and guidance throughout the production process—from scripting and storyboarding with teams, producing and directing videos, to working closely with cinematographers, editors, motion graphic designers, and film crews. Simone works with a variety of small, medium, and large companies to tell their stories in a highly collaborative way.


Simone has worked with

Appdome, BrightEdge, Brightsource Productions, Coupa, Datameer, DataStax, Elewa Media, Fiction Tribe, Imgix, InfluxData, Pure Storage, Salesforce, Spire, Splunk

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